I’ve gotten everyone’s messages. I can’t do any more of these for now due to real life obligations, but I’ll answer them later tonight or tomorrow.

Laura. c:


Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters


make me choose: misshoopers asked: molly hooper or irene adler?

So I think my job interview went pretty well. My interviewer basically said that I’m exactly what he wants, but he’s not sure yet how many positions are open, so I don’t want to get my hopes up. He said he’d contact me sometime next week, so at least I won’t have too long to wait. Plus I have an interview at another place on Monday, so the possibility of having a summer job is looking pretty good.

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Oh Captain, Which Captain?


the most aggravating fans are the ones that become huge fans of a villainous character but just can’t handle the fact that the villainous character does villainous things and instead said fans invent a million assbackwards headcanons about how the villain is TOTALLY not a villain at all and is some tragic blob where nothing is their fault even up to and including murder and genocide

i am just so baffled by this

I hate it so much when one of my internet friends is going through a difficult time

I want to give them reassuring words or something but I never know what to say and I feel like everything I say is completely inadequate

and I want to hug them and I want to take them away from all their problems but I can’t do either thing and it makes me so frustrated and so upset

I just feel so helpless and it’s a terrible feeling

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person: are you over bucky barnes yet



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