a superhero duo

one aromantic and the other asexual

Arrow and Ace

"Something queer’s afoot."

"Yeah, that’d be us."

*muffled snickering*


The block/ignore function on here is way too weak like I need an option where the person I block can’t see any of my posts and can’t reblog any of my posts and when they attempt to reblog my shit a message pops up that says to go fuck themselves

So I had a concert today. My college performed with another college, and one of the people singing next to me (who is not a student at my college) decided to make remarks about the performance while we were performing. He bitched about my college’s director’s conducting, frequently used “bitch” when talking about the soloist (he probably meant that in a nice way but still ??), and swore at himself when he messed something up.

I wanted to strangle him because it was so distracting and simply infuriating. In pretty much any performance space, it is impossible to tell how well the group is performing because you can’t hear a damn thing. I could hear the two people next to me and pretty much no one else, so I had to give most of my energy to concentrating and attempting to follow the conductors’ queues while looking at the music, and concentration was even more difficult than usual because this asshole wouldn’t shut up.

Also, the other college’s director can’t conduct for shit. He almost never brought us in, almost never cut us off, and basically gave us no indication of where we were in the score. My college’s director mouths the words to us so that we know where we are, but the other director basically told us nothing, so we were pretty much on our own, which led to a couple of pretty bad screw-ups.

Typically I enjoy performing concerts, but I didn’t enjoy myself at all today. The stage was hot and crowded. Nobody was fully prepared (probably because we’ve had a huge workload of music this semester). The guy next to me was way too distracting, and one of the directors was an awful conductor. So overall I’m pretty peeved.

Last night I dreamed that I was rehearsing at Carnegie Hall. I don’t remember much about the actual rehearsal, but I wished that Mozart had lived long enough to finish and conduct his Requiem. And then in the final few minutes of rehearsal it seems like Mozart conducted us. Even in the dream I wasn’t sure whether it was real or if I was just imagining things.

And when Mozart(?) conducted everyone suddenly sang a lot more quietly, as if we were afraid of messing up and making him mad. But he was very kindly, although we only rehearsed a few measures before he dismissed us.

And now that I’m awake I find myself yet again missing someone who died more than 200 years before I was born. It’s one of music’s greatest tragedies that Mozart died young. I would do almost anything to have him live a longer life, not just so that he could finish his Requiem but so that he would have more chances to compose more music.



Sebastian Stan gets choked up talking about how much his mother means to him…



do musicians have their own music on their iPod as their band name or is it just under ‘me’

I know I’ve talked about this before, but the more I think about Data the more I think that he and I are the same person.

Even before I started watching TNG my parents said that I reminded them a lot of Data. They specifically mentioned that we both have good memories, but with each TNG episode I watch I realize that my connection to him goes far beyond that.

We’re both quiet and tend to prefer the company of animals to other people. We both sometimes fail to understand human behavior, and sometimes we have a textbook understanding but not an emotional understanding of human behavior.

He is unconditionally loyal to his friends, and his closest friends (ie. Geordi) accept him exactly as he is. And as much as I love Data and Geordi’s relationship, it also hurts me to see those two because I desperately want to have a friend like Geordi.

And those moments when Data feels lonely particularly resonate with me. I spend most of my life feeling like an outsider, and like Data, I often wonder if I’ll ever truly belong anywhere.

And sometimes I feel like a machine, and Data and I share the desire to be “more human,” even though both of us are already very human indeed.

Yet even though I connect so much to Data, I find it a lot easier to forgive him of his faults and mistakes than to forgive myself of those same errors. I love Data and want him to do well, but I can’t view myself the same way that I view him.

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